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WILAK MEDIA has grown from humble beginnings to a team of 8 highly skilled individuals with specialized skillset. Our team focuses on key factors that are important to growing one another through collaboration, culture and innovation. Our directors Tristan, Ben and Gabe have found their skills to be complimentary to one another allowing for an environment rich for growth and development both as individuals and as a team.

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Hear From Our Team

Wilak Media is home to industry experts from performance to creative, and everywhere in between.


Your motivation determines how much you’re willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it, Wilak Media, you really are the designer of your own future and as a Portfolio Manager, you lead the way for both your team and the client. The satisfaction of helping a client partner turn their business around from negative to positive is the best! This change can mean so much to a client partner from how they live their lives and the lifestyle they can build.

Daniel Forrest

Head of Accounts


Starting my career in digital marketing at Wilak Media has been the most amazing opportunity to pursue my creative passion and dive headfirst into how marketing is operating and growing within the ecommerce industry today.

Nadia Leonforte

Creative Team Leader


Brilliant culture and environment that goes far beyond your experience in the office. You’re given all the tools to succeed and you’re told to swing for the fences to grow yourself, each other & your clients. The team is great and we all push to get the absolute best out of each other while rewarding effort, personality & output.

Daniel Maybon Hutchins

Marketing Manager

The Wilak Media Way

Wilak Media has grown from humble beginnings in Tristan’s garage to a 10+ strong rockstar of a team. Focused on collaboration, culture & innovation. Like every great partnership Tristan, Ben & Gabe have found the perfect harmony of skills which each of them are world class at. No one person can be great at everything, but find 3 A+ players and you will find yourself pretty quickly with an A+ team.

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Tristan Back, CEO


Gabe Matt, CTO


Ben Trottier, COO

What We Consider VALUABLE!

These are the traits and values we consider to be the most important when looking for people to join our growing team.


You can re-conceptualise issues and problems in the world and within the business to discover practical solutions to hard problems. You look for new opportunities constantly and you aren’t afraid to act on that idea


You inspire to find the next amazing idea. Your passion is contagious. Your colleagues are inspired by your passion. You celebrate wins. You love what you do.


You make time to help colleagues. You share information openly and proactively. You are ego-less when searching for the best solution and ideas. You know that you can’t do everything alone. And that your colleagues are your greatest asset. You seek others involvement even if it means less “credit”, “profit” or “growth”


You understand the impact a single great idea can have. You can accomplish an amazing amount of important work. You focus on great results rather than on process. You avoid paralysis by analysis.


You understand the value of listening, Communication is not just talking and voicing your opinion. Communication is about listening and actively paying attention even when the topic isn’t directly connected to you.

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