Wilak Media

from $80K to $1M

The return that we got across the entire brand has been exponential and worth every dollar. It really makes sense when my $5k was being turned into $30k – 40k back.

Barbora Swim

  • 5.5x Return On Ad spend
  • 700% Increase in Revenue
  • Barbora started with Wilak Media as a relatively unknown brand with a very strong loyal customer base. We spend the first month with Barbora developing custom ad sets that spoke to these loyal customers and brought new ones through the door who we knew would purchase. It was a fantastic success in less than 30 days.


  • 6.7x Return On Ad spend
  • 525% Increase in Revenue
  • Biink operate in a very competitive market (athleisure) and for them differentiated themselves is the most important thing. Alongside our content team and amazing marketing managers we were able to develop a strategy that not only did so, but also created a rock solid foundation for them to expand into new markets (Women).


  • 6.05x Return On Ad spend
  • 1042% Increase in Revenue
  • Hammerroo is now one of Australia's top online work working & resin distributors in the country. When they started with us, their revenue didn't support it's founder full time. Now, it not only supports him but also employees.

Milky Mumma

  • 2.6x Return On Ad spend
  • 50% Increase in Revenue
  • Milky Mumma came to us at a very low base turning over less than $100,000 a year. And in a particularly "difficult" industry to market online with policy changes and guidelines we were able to develop a strategy that not only captured sales but also an active market that can be remarketed to in the future.

Health of Mind Art

  • 17.90x Return On Ad spend
  • $100,000+ In 2 Months (60 Days)
  • Health of Mind, for Wilak Media is still to do this day one of the top performing clients. With ad sets consistency reaching in excess of a 15 ROAS and thousands of dollars being attributed to our marketing.

Hickory Apparel

  • 29.95x Return On Ad spend
  • 5000% Increase in Revenue
  • Hickory Apparel, like many other clothing based businesses operate in a very busy competitive market. However, as we know and many Ecomm brands understand content is king. And when this is at the forefront of every investment and marketing strategy meeting you can find success. So alongside our media team the marketing manager developed a strategy that incorporated an entire A to Z approach and the rest is history.

Resin Runner

  • 10.9x Return On Ad spend
  • 995% Increase in Revenue
  • Resin Runner similar to other clients of Wilak Media in the wood working space was a very consistent campaign. Generating right out of the gate a 10 ROAS and nearly increasing the business revenue by 1000%. Resin Runner like many other business who develop a digital marketing campaign have reaped the rewards of a well structured campaign.

Arty's Artesian Sweets

  • 9.90x Return On Ad spend
  • 1500% Increase in Revenue
  • Arty's operates in a really uniqie marketing. Food Commerce, something the Wilak Media team had never tackled however we were able to find the winning formula for them it was a mixture of gift giving and small impulse purchases. After all who doesn't love massive marshmallows.


Ad spend

Wilak Media is first and foremost an Ecommerce Digital Agency and as such we will be able to help manage your ad spend to generate the best possible ROAS. Irrespective if your ad spend is $3000 a month or $250,000 we can help support your business growth.

User Generated Content

UGC is the most important form of content when it comes to social media marketing. Instead of putting this on your plate and asking you to tackle this we can take it and run/manage it all for you. With our network of creators we will be able to edit, curate and distribute your products to the right people to get the right content.

Website management

Our thesis to marketing is an A to Z approach is the only way to ensure the greatest success. What this means is where other businesses stop at just the ad management we help develop everything about your business. From EDM campaigns, SMS marketing, App installation and website optimisation.