Jamie Oliver Restaurants

With 4 locations around the country we knew the Jamie Oliver Restaurant marketing campaign needed to appeal to a lot of patrons. And with 152 bookings in just 1 weekend, we think it did.

Caloundra RSL

With over $55,000 worth of ticket sales generated in just 3 months. The Sunshine Rock and Blues Festival was a great hit for us here at Caloundra RSL.

SEQ Property Group

Wilak Media delivered above and beyond for us. Our goal was to generate leads and they certainly did. So much so that we had to turn it off from time to time. Because we were getting so many leads.

We Do Realty

We needed a team that could help us generate both exposure, leads, and fantastic content. The result? We found that in Wilak Media. Very happy. 

Eagleby Tavern

We engaged Wilak Media, to help grow the market share of The Eagle Tavern. And it is safe to say they have acheived tat with flying colours. We have seen growth across the board including gaming, food and beverage. Our events are always busy due to the exposure Wilak Media create for us. 

First Home Heros

We used the Wilak Media team to help generate leads for the business. The Wilak Media team delivered such great results that we had to turn of the advertisements because we couldn't handle all the leads. We recommend these guys to everyone.

Property Care QLD

Wilak Media, have delivered outstanding results, 2019 has been our most successful year yet. And I'm certain that the efforts of Wilak Media is a major reason for this. 

Leftys Music Hall

Closed for some time, Lefty's Music Hall was known for two things. Their Sour Apple Cocktails and funky Americana music. When it reopened under Hallmark Australia's ownership. We were called in to really highlight what the brand had to offer. With an amazing grand opening and thousands of new engagements a day Lefty's music hall will be around for a little while longer. And remain a staple Caxton Street hot spot. 

Tony Meredith Coaching

The Wilak Media team, went above and beyond for my coaching Business. readily introducing me to new businesses opportunities and of course they delivered on exactly what we needed at the time. An amazing digital marketing presence. 

Retros Nightclub Brisbane

Positioned in the heart of the Fortitude Valley. Retro's BNE is a staple for many. Our job was simple. Bring exposure, highlight the fun that can be had and of course increase the number of patrons. Tick, tick and tick....


Selling Bubby Covers to new mums isn't something an e-commerce marketing team readily has experience with. But with past case studies and current clients Wilak Media have continued to get fantastic results. In some cases generating sales for as little as $5.50

Finn McCool’s Brisbane

One of Brisbane's most notable Irish pubs, Finn McCool's had a lot of market share before we started marketing for them. The goal however, was to take that awareness and turn it into more regular customers. And the best way to do that is through FOMO. Show everyone the value you bring to the market and watch as customers continue to come back week after week for the experience only Finn McCool's BNE can deliver.

Asylum Nightclub

Originally named Shooters, Asylum is the newest nightclub on the Gold Coast. As a new brand entering the market. Asylum needed to make a big splash. Through influencers, paid media and content creation. Asylum rose from zero followers to well over 5,000 in the first few months. And is consistently reaching over 100,000 new potential customers every week. 


Running their own marketing before they engaged us Relevate had seen a lot of success. So much so that they were able to scale to a handful of employees and make a real splash in their market. When Relevate engaged with Wilak Media the goal wasn't to do more of the same. It was to reinvent the wheel and take the brand and company to new levels. 

Retros Nightclub Gold Coast

Retro's Gold Coast, like it's Brisbane alternative is a staple for Surfers Paradise. Our goal working with this brand was to not only take more market share but to develop the brand further and allow it to stand on its own in the GC market. And the best way to do that, is with fantastic content. 

Belle Property – Cooperoo

Apart of the larger franchise model, Belle Property Cooperoo needed to stand out. But above all else it needed to deliver value to their followers, past customers and future clients. And the way we did this, was through content that really brought value. Helping highlight what to look for, what to buy, when to buy and simply just offering an outlet for people to ask questions they needed answers to.

Finn McCool’s Gold Coast

Finn McCool's Gold Coast is a figure head for Irish bars on the Coast. Our number one priority for this venue. Was to increase the market share, and develop the atmosphere that warranted not only a dinner with the family. But also a stop off on your night out. 

Property Simplicity

The Wilak Media team, were fantastic in what they delivered. Creating outstanding videos and social media campaigns. They were fantastic. I highly recommend. 

Jamie’s Pizzeria

Under the same umbrella of the larger Jamie's Italian Restaurants. The Jamie Pizzeria venue. is all about fast, high end, healthy pizzas and pasta. Located in Pacific Fair, the venues goal for Marketing was a simple one. Bring in influencers who not only attract more attention to the brand but also exemplify the message we stand behind. "Healthier Pizza"

Tane Nightclub

Yet to open Tane's concept is simple, an experiential night out different to regular nightclubs. Our goal for Tane was to build excitement and hype for its grand opening. And with over 40,000 points of engagement a week and thousands of new followers a month Tane when opened will make a big splash in the Surfers Paradise nightclub scene.

Hydrokleen Australia

Hydrokleen Australia, is the backbone of the Hydrokleen International ecosystem. With the goal of building a marketing funnel to not only capture more leads for existing franchisees but also finding new franchisees the Hydrokleen and Wilak Media partnership was very successful.

Harrison Craig – Voice

With 24 shows around the country on Harrison Craig national tour. Selling tickets to every event, meant scaling the marketing campaign ver quickly. With Cost per Sale getting as low as $5.60 the national tour was a great success on the marketing front. 

Harcourts Jimboomba

We knew marketing a RE agency in Jimboomba wasn't going to be the same as marketing an inner city counterpart. So our methodology had to change. And the results we achieved were fantastic. A 349% increase in reach, a 445% increase in engagement and a 39% increase in the number of followers in just the first month alone.

Buyer Connect

Buyer Connect, is built by Australians for Australians. Linking brand new home opportunities to those who otherwise didn't know they existed. And partnering with Wilak Media was one of the best decisions we made. 

VE Assist

All too often outsourcing companies get a bad wrap as they use offshore workers who sometimes don't deliver a high standard of work. We knew our marketing needed to show the other side of outsourcing which was "onshore outsourcing" and the results of marketing VE Assist's services this way couldn't have gone better. 

Property Lynk

We built Property Lynk from the ground up to help sell brand new lots around Queensland. We knew social media was the way, and are extremely happy with our partnership with Wilak Media